Poop Patrol

Just returned from walking the dogs and I was able to dodge a total of 6 in the park but didn’t see number 7 until it was too late.  OK, so maybe #7 forgot their poop bag this morning as it was pretty early but I’ll bet that #7 today was also #4, a few days ago.  While walking on trails, especially if I am walking 2 dogs, the 3 of us can easily take up a good portion of the path; therefore, out of courtesy, I will move over to my right as others head our way, which brings me into the grass and brush and that is where they are “waiting” for the bottom of my shoe.

Your pick-up bags are like little insurance policies; therefore, your dog probably will not have the “urge” the day you have tied one or two bags to the loop of the leash.   Please note that if you leave the house with only one bag,  it will have a hole in it. I suggest you equip yourself with two.  Better yet, bring that third bag to assist those oblivious of the fact that their dog is pooping.

It’s funny to watch the extreme measures some will go to in order to avoid picking up their mess. Some will decide it’s time to tie a shoe while putting their back to the dog. Some turn and look into the distance for that long, lost friend.  I saw one gal have this urgent need to do  jumping jacks (again, facing the opposite direction of the alleged pooper.)  When offered a pick-up bag, they will have a confused look, as to why in the world would I need that thing?  One actually denied the fact that their dog was the previous owner of the mess.  Said her dog doesn’t poop that big.  I remember the owner of a toy breed that said one little tootsie roll is not going to be noticed in the big park.  Another mentioned that they stopped their newspaper deliveries…?  What does that mean?  Possibly his strategy was to place a newspaper under the dog (during walks) at the critical moment?  Maybe the dog will not eliminate at home if he doesn’t have a newspaper to read?   There are those that like to spread the wealth by either allowing their dog to kick it around with their rear legs or by striking a new dance move by kicking it off to the side themselves.

How about the “walking poopers”?  I guess we have to give their humans a break on this one.   Some dogs are pretty slick in that area but we should tattle on the dog if we indeed are witness to the act.  A lot of the “walking pooper” owners will double up their pace and pretend not to hear me as I try to alert them to the fact that I am not able to walk  a straight line in back of them.  Here’s my favorite:  One gentleman said that his dog could not possibly be the culprit because (are you ready for this …?)  HIS DOG NEVER DID THAT BEFORE..

This is where I start to run out of bags on my walk because if it’s in the middle of the path, I am compelled to pick it up.  No, that doesn’t make-up for the days I was “without bag” but I like to think I’m paying it forward a bit.

Newspaper and grocery bags are a good, no cost solution.  Tie a few of them on the handle of your leash.  Fancier bags are available through your local pet store.  Pretty colors and scented are some of the choices.  Some leashes are even sold with matching bags…(I think I just made up that last part but I wouldn’t doubt they’re available.)

Would love to hear your Poop Patrol stories.  Check back often as next time we will cover the subject of teaching your dog to “Eliminate on Command”.  In the meantime, let’s help make our communities  “poop free” zones.                                                                                  MyDogNeverDidThatBefore.com

Always pick up after your pets!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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