Dances with Dogs

Please note that I am not referring to myself.  Attempted it once with Billie, the Wonder Dog (she’s the one reading the newspaper at the top of these posts) and she really didn’t deserve me as a partner .  I spent more time on the floor laughing (after tripping and falling, of course) and was always concerned that I would crush her toes.  I’m sure Carolyn Scott (below) would have turned Billie into a star.

One of the most popular videos last week was Jose and his dog Carrie dancing The Merengue.  Who knew that a dog could stand on their back legs for that period of time?

I believe most have seen the video which appeared to have been filmed in a parking lot.  Below, you will see them dancing during their appearance on the Wendy Williams Show.

After watching Jose and Carrie for the first time (not sure just exactly how many times I hit “replay”…) it brought to mind a video I had seen a number of years ago.  Seems this video became popular in 2006 and has been viewed over 6 million times.   Carolyn Scott and her Golden Retriever, Rookie, are dancing to “You’re the One That I Want” from the movie “Grease” in the following video.   They are competing in the sport known as Canine Freestyle Dancing with Dogs.

There’s a lot of trust between teacher and student on these routines.  You decide who the teacher is in these videos.

For more on Carolyn and Rookie go to:

Always pick up after your dogs.

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