Baby, you can drive my car…

This photo was sent by one of our readers taken on a Chicago expressway in response to Al Vinikour’s article entitled “Your Dog is Not an Airbag”.

We hope that Benji, his chauffeur and all others involved arrived safely at their destination.

Rumor has it that Benji was playing “air bag” just moments ago and now he’s decided co-piloting is way cooler.  He can express himself as in no other way while scratching up the side of the car in the process.  Who knew?

Alright, benefit of the doubt here

Most likely, this dog always travels in a vehicle that is equipped with a crate or another type of safe restraint system (ahem….)   Let’s just say that today; however, he had to be rushed to the vet and the SUV is in the shop.  Maybe the passenger side window is broken and is permanently open, so I’ll bet right before this photo was taken the dog was secured in the back seat but proceeded to chew the leash then jumped into the front seat.  On the other hand, if the window is working properly, the driver probably had the window down a few inches at best and maybe (just maybe) the dog pressed the “down button” on his own.   Hopefully, today will not be the day Benji shows his skills to the world by pressing the button the opposite way.

Just another doggie air bag/co-pilot story…

Honestly, I’m guessin’ the dog always travels in the car without any type of restraint but today, as the driver turns to look at the dog, he’s now thinking, “Oh crap, what’s he doin’ half way out the window?”  HE NEVER DID THAT BEFORE…

As he tries to grab the dog, the person in front of him slams on the brakes and of course, Benji’s chauffeur was following way too close.  He hits the guy in front of him and Benji flies out the window.  Hopefully, Benji’s Guardian Angels are not on coffee break because he’s going to need someone to pull him up and out of the way from the rest of the cars in back of them that are swerving while trying not to hit the car in front of them.

Wow!   I have quite the imagination.   We all know, that could never happen…Whew!


Until you  research the best restraint system that suits you and your dog, leave the dog at home.  You are not doing your dog or anyone else a favor during rush hour or any other hour.

In all fairness, at least he wasn’t driving a convertible.   I’m just sayin’…

Chicago WGN news says:

The Los Angeles Times says:

Seattle 911 Police Blog says:

Q: Is it illegal for my dog to ride in my car with his head sticking out of the sunroof or a window?

A: “There’s really no law against it,” State Patrol Trooper Cliff Pratt said. “But it’s kind of a pet peeve of mine.”

Troopers discourage letting pets ride with drivers because they say it’s a distraction that can lead to accidents. In one famous case, author Stephen King suffered life and career-altering injuries after a minivan driver distracted by a dog struck him.

If a dog or pet is hopping around or otherwise distracting the driver, troopers could cite the driver for reckless endangerment or negligent driving.

But driving with a dog hanging its head outside your car window won’t always lead to a ticket.

Tri County Obedience Club in Maine writes:

  1. Ah, a ride in the car with the windows down…oh, the smell of fresh air!  This sounds like fun for your dog but again, this is NOT a good idea.  Vets are visited numerous times a year by dogs with eye injuries suffered when something struck the dog’s eye while it’s head was out of the window.  Even to me, seeing a dog with his head out the window;  ears flapping,  smiling into the wind seems like the perfect picture of joy.  However, instantaneously with that thought is dismay and fear.  Either the owner doesn’t realize the dog is in danger or else has weighed the options and decided to risk it.  If you want to have the windows down, have them open just enough so the dog can smell the delicious aromas from the breeze, yet not be able to put his head through the window.

Again, we hope all involved made it safely to their destination.

Always pick up after your dogs!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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