Reason No. 57 to clean up after your dog

Chicago Tribune article:  Illinois woman charged in dog poop-infused meltdown.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. (AP) — A suburban Chicago woman is accused of tossing dog feces at her neighbor’s door after stepping into droppings left outside her apartment.

Police in Naperville say Susan M. Miller appears to have retaliated by heaving the feces at the door of her neighbor who owns a dog. Miller, 43, a tax accountant, was charged with disorderly conduct after Wednesday’s alleged protest.

She denied the charges Friday, but admitted she did get upset with the neighbor and hung bags used by residents to pick up their dogs‘ waste on shrubbery near the woman’s door.

“If I can pick up after my 80-pound dog, she should be able to pick up after her 20-pound dog,” Miller told The Associated Press.

She said she hung the bags on the shrubbery after she knocked on the neighbor’s door and didn’t get an answer. Miller said she just wanted to point out to the woman that she had an obligation to clean up after her dog.

The Naperville Sun reported that Miller also wiped her feet on the neighbor’s porch.

Police said Miller “threw dog feces at the sliding patio screen” of the neighbor’s apartment and uprooted a sign telling residents to pick up dog waste, which she placed on the patio.

Police reports do not establish whether the feces were from the targeted neighbor’s dog. But Miller said she knows it was.

“She keeps it chained in the backyard, and it moves in a small radius,” Miller said of the neighbor and her pet. “I walk my dog, and I know whose dog is pooping where.

Miller was arrested after the neighbor called police. She was later released on $125 bond. A date to appear in DuPage County Circuit Court hasn’t been set

We have a better solution

See, some people get pretty upset over this subject but I’m thinkin’ that maybe she could have gone another route.

Get this…I ran across a couple of online companies that will help one re-direct their anger in these situations.  One company will send a greeting card and the other will actually mail a “pile” (fake, thank goodness) to the alleged, non-picker upper of your choice.

Alleged is the important word here; so choose wisely.  Most likely, by the time you quickly view their home pages, you will be laughing (or so grossed out) that you will have cooled down.

If you are so inclined to look them up, one company is called Poop Prank and the other is Smelly Poop  (and you really don’t have to tell them that I sent ya’…)  Just be ready for lots of strange pictures.  I didn’t have anyone to warn me…

Always pick up after your dogs!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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