Poop Patrol Update (What the heck…the fish poop in there…)

Could not believe I forgot my cleanup bags this evening.  I had them earlier in the day but they must be in the pocket of my other jeans. Sure, I could justify leaving it there; telling myself maybe dog poop really is a great fertilizer and I’m just doing my part for the environment.

However; I was lucky, as the first person to walk by handed me a pretty, purple bag.  Scented, as well, I might add.

As it was, I found out a few days ago that my Doberman is a walking pooper.  Not just a walking pooper, but a sneaky one at that!  Oh, boy.  A Doberman that poops in public.  This is a first for me so I have to join the ranks in saying “My dog never did that before!”

I always make sure he goes before the walk (lately initiating step # 2-See the Eliminate on Command post-below) but now he’s saving some in order to leave a “thrill sh..bleep” for the walk.

Brings to mind… George Carlin’s line…”you don’t take one, you leeeeeeeeave one!”

Eliminate on Command post (for step 2)


We’ve talked about the crazy things people will do to avoid picking up after their dogs while on a walk.  Just last night, a woman let her dog poop in the pond.  Yep.  Let him off leash (offense # 1) and let him run to the pond to poop.  A lot of people fish this tiny lake in the park.   Hope they believe in “catch and release” .

Should there be heftier fines?  Isn’t it $500 in New York if one doesn’t cleanup after their dog and dispose of it properly?  In Illinois, signs posting a $375 fine for parking in a handicapped spot certainly gets our attention.

“The fish poop in there so what the heck…”

Should we even care?  Yes?  No?  Maybe?  I’m thinkin’…yes.  Especially for those that give the rest of us a bad rap; like those allowing their dog to poop in ponds figuring “The fish poop in there so what the heck…”In the Baltimore article, folks are complaining about the $1000 fines.  In the time they take to complain, they could have picked up after their dog.

How about one warning and then a fine?  Possibly the “warning” would carry a $25 fine.  This just might be too difficult to patrol but then it’s probably the same people over and over again.  However, soon it will be known as “Poop Profiling” and end up being a larger problem than it is now.

I’m going to tweet “Ellen“.  She will know what to do…

I can’t but help but think that those that don’t pick up after their dogs    probably have their own set of rules when it also comes to the dog’s inoculations, lack of stool checks and proper de-worming. The same fleas and ticks that feast on their dogs are probably snacking on them, as well.

Instead of a dog-

These folks are perfect candidates for an Eye Pet ™ the virtual pet by Sony.   (NOTE: After clicking on the Eye Pet link, music will play momentarily.) Check it out when you can-that little guy is just the cutest thing ever!

I don’t understand the outcry in Baltimore over the $1000 fine.  They are probably the same ones that whined when the handicapped parking spots were given back to those  entitled to them.  There are no gray areas here.  It’s a very simple checklist prior to walking the dog-

1.  Dog…√   2.  Leash…√   3. Bag tied to handle of leash…√

Baltimore leash laws and poop fines:


Looks like Philadelphia has a $300 fine for not picking up after your pooch.


Until next time, remember…a poop in hand does not make up for two left in the bush…

Always pick up after your dogs!

The original “Poop Patrol” post can be viewed by clicking below or by going to the August archives.



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