Things that go bump in the night

…and during the day, too!

What’s creepier than 30 Days of Night, Freddy Krueger, The Ring and Psycho combined?

Why it’s the “leash in a box” that claims you can walk two – 90# dogs on one plastic handle which means there is still one hand free to keep that cell phone conversation going.  All for a mere $59.  Wait there’s more! Each leash extends 9 ft. and there’s some little doofitchie in the box that twirls and ta da…no more tangles.  Hey, I’m confused…the handle does kinda look like a hair dryer so what are we talking about here?  Hair conditioner or a leash?

Compare to fishing…with many more distractions

I wonder if they tested this on fish.  It would be really difficult to reel in two – 5# bass on one heavy duty double reel with 2 lines coming out of it.   Sure, you have the drag from the water and the seaweed and lily pads but I also believe your fishing area would be free and clear of the following:

Bicycles, roller blades, skateboards, a mom pushing her baby in a stroller, an elderly person with a walker, other people on the phone also oblivious to their surroundings and an innocent child that runs up to see “doggies, doggies”.  Then there are the squirrels.  Do not forget about the squirrels…

Also, I don’t know of any fisherman that has hooked that “big one” and keeps a phone conversation going let alone any type of conversation except for what that fish is doing at any given moment.

As usual, my suggestion is to go for the Sony Eye Pet™;  $20 less and keeps that leash in a box at home where belongs…

On a serious note, walking even just one, untrained 90# dog (or any untrained dog on any type of leash) can be very dangerous for the handler and those they encounter.  I would recommend talking to your vet to see if they think this leash in a box thing is in your best interest and I’ll bet they can recommend an obedience class, as well.

Always pick up after your pets!

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1 Response to Things that go bump in the night

  1. Faye says:

    I finally got to reading all your stuff. Very Good. Are you really going to be starting on the 20th? Let me know.

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