More news from the wild side of taking your dog for a stroll

Once I figure out how to fully utilize the “video” feature on my phone, I will film some of the strange situations encountered while walking the dogs.   Hopefully,  people will permit me to film their dogs for my documentary and I’ll post a few of them so you can see for yourself.

However, it will be a while before I resume reading 422 pages of “Blackberry Curve Made Simple; as I’m still in possession of “Blogging for Dummies” and I’m keeping it until the library refuses to grant me another renewal.

Last night, we encountered one group of 3 killer Maltese, followed by a yappy Yorkie in addition to a sneaky Schnauzer while walking along the one mile wooded path of the forest preserve.  (I call the Schnauzer “sneaky” because he walked 4 feet into the cattails to poop and his owner never saw it…wink wink…)

In their own way, all 5 of them attempted to relay a message to my dog; he’s on their turf and to pack his bags.  The handlers do nothing.  Not even an apology.  Sometimes they shrug their shoulders and give me a look.  A look that says   “They’re just spoiled, bratty dogs.  What do you want me to do about it?  Just make sure you keep that big guy under control. Yeah…you better keep that one under control.”

Pfffffftttttttttt….!   Yeah, my big tough guy.  He’s a Doberman named Bruce.  What does that tell ya?  He’s a little over a year old and right now he’s just totally oblivious to all this commotion.  He’d rather sniff at the goose poop along the trail.

You probably wonder what kind of neighborhood I live in with all this dog trouble…Well, it’s no Wisteria Lane, I’ll give you that much but all in all, it’s a pretty nice area.  I’m thinkin’ that the vast numbers of these small dogs are currently bound to the forest preserve. Rumor is they are on probation after being  kicked out of the dog parks; allegedly bullying the larger dogs.

Thank you for saving my dog?

After a safe getaway and having walked barely a block, we encounter one more yappy Yorkie that runs out into the street after us.   The dog was in a frenzy.  His park buddies probably gave him the “heads up” that we were on our way. These people send the teenager to retrieve him.  I think she walked back to the house with him in her pocket.  Again, no apology.  She did take the time to give me a look; however… “Next time don’t walk by the house when I’m wasting time on My Space.”

Now, correct me if I’m wrong here but just because you have a toy or small breed of dog, there is no need to teach to them to come back to you when called?  Sure, you can pick them up with one hand or toss them into your purse. But a lot of good that does “after the fact.”   When we saw (and heard) the Yorkie charging, we stopped walking.  My dog sat at my side,  cocking his head watching the dog running towards us.

The car had screeched to a halt; as they probably saw me and the moose in the road.  So unless that tiny pooch  sprouted wings; we’re probably responsible for saving the little guy’s life. A simple “thank you” would have sufficed.   Shame on you little Yorkie owner.  There are no “do overs” here.

Oh, alright, so you say “My Dog Never Did That Before” do you now?  Well, liar, liar, pants on fire, this is about the 5th time this dog has run into the street trying to chase us. My neighbor can vouch for that.  How many others has he gone after? It only takes one time, just one time…

Speaking of bunnies…

We weren’t really.  Just wanted to see if I still had your attention… I met with a client and his dog at the same local forest preserve a few weeks ago and we happened to see a rabbit; (a very bright white rabbit), slowly coming out from the trees and into the clearing, as if drawn to our voices.

My client handed me his leash (and dog) and he was able to walk right up to it.  At that point, what does one do?  Grab it and take it home?  Leave it? It’s a tough decision. The rabbit was obviously domesticated. The decision was made for us as the rabbit would only let him get within a few inches and he would lightly hop away a few steps. This went on for about 2 minutes and once he figured out there was no food for him, he hopped back into the forest.

I would like to think that someone accidentally left the door open to the bunny hutch but more than likely, someone released him into the woods.  The poor thing was probably hungry and drawn to our voices.  Unless, a family of deer happened to adopt him that night to show him the ropes; maybe suggesting he roll in the mud a few times in order to blend, he’s going to have a quick night.   Better yet, if the bunny rolled in the mud just right, leaving a white stripe down the back, his best defense would be to flirt with  Pepé le Pew and hang with him; for like, uh, forever.

However, I am sure a coyote was blotting his chops with a dinner napkin later that evening; wishing all his meals were that easy.

Shame on you, too, bunny people…

Always pick up after your dogs!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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