Eliminate on Command…No. 2 Revisited

Well, I suppose it is greener-on a nice, sunny day but what happens when your dog wakes up to a world without grass and realizes he has one square foot of space to do his business…?

If your snowblower is still cooperating after hurtling 2 feet of snow for a  couple of hours,  some of you might be able to coax it into creating some running paths for the dogs.  For fun, definitely add some peek-a-boo circles around the evergreens.  If you have any time and energy left, create a maze and throw in a few snow tunnels leading to an igloo.  That should keep the dogs, husband and the kids busy for quite a while.

Did I do all that? Honestly…uh, no, but we did create paths with a couple of figure 8’s.  I planned, directed and did a lot of pointing from inside the house.    They were doing such a great job without me, I didn’t think it would be right to go outside and spoil their fun 😉  Plus, my coffee maintains a much better temperature indoors.

After a few days, the paths will take on a different look.  Mainly in  color and will  probably start to resemble a “yellow brick road”.

If you waited but have decided that now is the time to teach your dog to “hurry up and just do it™” while you hang on to the door to keep it from flying off it’s hinges during some of those  60 mph winds, you might want to review “Let’s Potty…You Can teach your dog to Eliminate on Command”.  Here is the link:


Be sure to keep them on a leash so you don’t lose them in a snowdrift or just in case they decide to visit the neighbors by walking over the fence.

For more information on the wiener doormat and other cute Dachshund gifts and novelties, go to:


Always pick up after your pets!

Dog Notes, Inc.

Just Do It!   Nike™

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