Who Let the Dogs Out? Who? Who?? Who??? Weekly Whine Series…

It never fails.  During the worst of weather (90’s and humid in summer, single digits in winter, heaviest snow days and the days it literally rains cats and dogs ) the same group of 3 dogs, sometimes with a 4th, are on their own-roaming the neighborhood.

The last time I saw this “street-wise trio” was two weeks ago during a snowstorm that blanketed the area with over two feet of snow.

I had visions of these small, obese, short-haired dogs, being scooped up by the snow plows or becoming a permanent part of a someone’s tire, giving an innocent driver nightmares for weeks because they couldn’t stop in time.

The owners have been on the County Animal Control  “S” list for at least 5 years.  The Animal Control officer tells me that the attitude of these owners is that they have lived in the area the longer than most (before it was built up) and that their dogs should be able to roam where they please.

One of the dogs in this group was attacked by a much larger dog while pounding the pavement as a pup and almost didn’t live to roam the ‘hood another day.  Their “people” are certainly not “single experience learners”…  but at least the dogs were smart enough to realize they should not continue to walk down that particular block.

Our Animal Control Department is about an hour away, so many of the neighbors have tried to coax the dogs into their garages to give them shelter but it never seems to work out.

Ironically, while taking advantage of the balmy temps in the upper 40’s today, the princess hound and I crossed paths with these dogs and they were actually accompanied by their owners.  We just stood in the road and waited while 3 people attempted to catch 3 slippery dogs.  (Leash laws are just suggestions in these parts-just like the speed limits). It was more entertaining than a  Keystone Cops movie with lots of useless running around in circles and crashing into each other as the dogs continued to enjoy the fun game of tag.

It helps to have a “bitch” of a Greyhound…

However, in this case, it wasn’t a silent movie at all.  Their dogs are barking.   The people are yelling and literally screaming.   (I have to admit, their actions prompted me to look down at my own dog wondering if she had shapeshifted into some sort of red-eyed, three-headed monster Hellhound.)  Maybe she does when I’m not looking…

Their dogs start heading our way and get within a few feet of us.  The hound must have given them one of her famous “don’t even think about it” looks followed by her signature “hiss” and they immediately ran back to the the Three Stooges, appearing thankful for the security of the leash.

In England and Australia, the “powers that be” are looking at competency testing for those wanting to acquire a dog as a pet.   Read for yourself…

The Liberal Nanny State, England is going to the Dogs…

I sure hope all dogs go to heaven…

Always pick up after your pets!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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1 Response to Who Let the Dogs Out? Who? Who?? Who??? Weekly Whine Series…

  1. Sue says:

    Just read this post. Yes, I know its March but as I always say….its better late than never.

    You might have problems with the bully crowd but for a change I’d like to encounter it. When I’m walking my bunch (2 pits & cairn terrier), you’d think I have a scary monster at the end of my leash; the way folks react. Within 20 feet, parents grab their kids before they can come any closer & start yelling (why I don’t know) at the top of thier lungs…..”don’t touch them they’ll bite you”. Now my bunch are looking up at me tails wagging a mile-a-minute wondering what all the fuss is about. And I know what they’re thinking ….. “who us? you’ve got to be kidd’in; right? I just look at them and shake my head. Then we’re off again for another adventure of the same.

    Happy walking to you all

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