Nature’s alarm clock

You probably think I am going to write about the beautiful sound of the birds in the morning when spring is right around the corner.  Or, possibly, the faithful wake-up call of the rooster?  Maybe the sound of the newspaper plopping onto the driveway? For those of you that like to sleep in, maybe it’s the sound of a lawnmower.  As for me, I could easily fit into one of those Folgers commercials as my favorite is the smell of fresh, brewed coffee.

For those that have difficulty jumping out of bed in the morning…

I have the perfect solution.  Finally, an alarm clock that truly works because you can’t cheat.  While it does have a “snooze” button, it’s not a very functional one.

My invention would be an alarm clock that offers only one choice of sound to wake you. This is the sound of a dog puking.  If you try to hit the snooze button, it will greet you with the sound of the dog quickly slurping the delicacy for breakfast before it cools off.

Want to sneak in a quick nap in the afternoon?

“The Deluxe Power Nap – Silent but Deadly” version of this alarm clock has the same features as the basic model but will emit the actual smell of a Greyhound  passing the nastiest gas every 20 minutes or so to make sure you don’t fall back into a deep sleep.  It’s so realistic, you would swear she was laying right next to the bed.

Sweet dreams!

Until next time…

** We need a catchy name for the “basic” model.  Send your ideas in the “comments” section!

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