The Good, the Bad and the Ugly…Greyhound corns… “Before” and “After” Homeopathic Treatment

Above, we have my Greyhound’s “before and after” photos.   As I look at the “before” pictures – all I can think of is “ouch”!

Here’s her story…

To the best of our knowledge, Bounce’s corns appeared about three years ago, when she was 5.   I consulted with her veterinarian and we discussed various options for relief.  She stated she did not want to consider surgery at the moment.

According to our vet, the corns would most likely return with a vengeance. (In other words… faster and larger!)  Not to mention the lengthy recovery time, the pain, risk of infection and just the fact of having to put the hound under for surgery.

She recommended we do our best to maintain the corns by keeping them below surface level as this seems to provide the temporary, needed relief.  She also mentioned to cushion her feet during walks.  The boots might also keep new corns from forming.

I also discussed the situation with Bounce’s chiropractor and she agreed that surgery should probably be the last resort.

Bounce was extremely tolerant of the constant probing and picking.  

As she lay on her bed, I would tell her to go to her “happy” place 🙂  If she appeared uncomfortable, I would cover her eyes with a small towel. Generally, she was a good sport and fully cooperated.

Initially, I had to “dig” them out  about every 6 weeks; using my fingernails.  I would use  thumb and forefinger in a back and forth motion (like a top loader washing machine) to get a good grip and then literally twist them off.

Did you know there are cases in which the corns became so large and painful that the end result was amputation?

Over time, the corns would decide to pop up at about every 5 weeks instead of 6. In addition, over the course of the past year, I had to remove them every 3 weeks.   This was really starting to concern me due to the fact they were not shrinking and we were seeing a lot less of the affected toe pads and more of the corn!  The corns appeared to be winning.

So, what exactly causes the corns?

There are many theories as to the cause of the corns.  The lack of fat on a Greyhound’s body also leaves them with a deficit of natural cushioning on their toe pads causing constant friction as the bone rubs against the pad.

Another thought is that their tender toes might allow a small piece of debris to enter the pad and a callous will form around the foreign object.

Next, we have the virus theory. It is that particular theory, along with homeopathic treatment – that has just about eliminated the smaller of the two corns and the larger one is well on it’s way to being a thing of the past.

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear…

I wrote about the corns in a previous post; desperately requesting help in this matter. Soon, I received an understanding note from a Homeopathic Practitioner informing me that she has developed a natural formula to help the hounds with very positive results!

I immediately wrote back for more information as I was interested in beginning treatment ASAP-as in yesterday!   Finally…help was on the way.  I told Bounce I believe I just had a conversation with her guardian angel…

As I applied the oil, I realized I was telling those nasty rascals they were not welcome and they had no choice in the matter but to go away-the sooner the better!)

Administering the remedy is a simple and painless process applied over a 4-8 week period. (No need to cringe at the word “process”.)  Seriously, it takes  2-3 minutes at most per day.

After only 5 days into the treatment, I already knew there was something going on.  The remedy was working from the inside out – getting where it needs to go and moving the corn up and out.

During those first 5 days, I actually had to remove a part of the corn that had surfaced already.  After another 5 days – same thing.  (I have to be honest here…my initial thinking was that the corns were growing faster when actually, they were healing from the inside out with the base of the imbedded portion being pushed out.) After another 2 weeks,  if part of the corn would surface, I was able to simply “peel” off a very thin, softer layer (not the rock hard pieces as before!)

They were getting smaller in diameter and the pad was healing.  She was more comfortable walking on hard surfaces.

I am so pleased with the treatment.  Bounce is more relaxed. It shows in her facial expressions; especially in her eyes.  She appears to have more energy and looks forward to her walks.

Fran from Melbourne writes…

Thanks Jackie.  It is all coming along well and it was a week since we commenced the treatment.  The ‘swelling’ which was causing a bulge out to the side of her paw has gone down the corn itself is taking on more of a definition.  It is as though it is separating from the rest of the tissue. 

Her demeanour has really improved.  When you take her for a walk she is back to her beautiful greyhound prancing walk, with her head held up looking all around her.  When he took the two dogs down to the usual park where he lets them have a run free, for the first time in a long time she was prancing and wanting to join in with Hugo who runs and plays with a lab they meet up there – she has been disinterested for some time.  Last week she was off and joining in the fun.

So we are grateful for finding out about the wonderful treatments from Lori.  I will be passing the info on to my reflexologist as she is a firm believer in natural treatments for pets also.

For more information on this homeopathic remedy, you can email me at:

Until next time…

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Now, just for fun…

Here is a picture of our toe model as a youngster – BBC (“Bounce” …Before Corns)

We adopted our first Greyhound, Bonita, in 1992. Bounce came to us in 2003 (as a puppy) through a relative in Florida.   She comes from a family of lure coursing champions.

As adults, Greyhounds are so elegant and regal.  On the other hand, they are the cutest puppies.

After being in her new home for just a couple of hours, it’s very apparent she was ruling the roost at 9 weeks of age…already telling her big brother it definitely was in his best interest to release the Frisbee…

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