“Does your dog bite?” Weekly Whine series…

As a dog owner,  I’ll bet you are asked that question a lot!   Many people wanting to approach you and your dog might also ask “Is he alright?” (This  probably means the same thing… but it’s also up for discussion.)

(Alright?   Such as… is he hungry? nice? mean? sick? perverted? right in the head?  infested with fleas? did he get enough sleep last night? horny? getting an urge to chew on something right about now?)

It’s always interesting that they seem to ask this when they are a foot away with their arms already extended, bending over and uttering gibberish. We shed some light on this question in a previous post.


For example, let’s take a look at this little guy at the top of page.  At first, he might appear to be quite nasty.  (Will he bite?)  I don’t know.  On second thought, he appears to be just a pup caught by the camera in a funny, playful pose.  (But, is he really alright?)  I don’t know. Define “alright”.

In addition, you really need to take a good look at the person behind the answers.

The next time someone asks if your dog is “alright” – have a little fun with it.  If you can impersonate Bobcat Goldthwait, so much the better!

Checkout this 30 second video clip as Bobcat talks about accidentally setting a couch on fire as a guest on The Tonight Show!


Is he alright?

(Person approaching)  “Is he alright…?”

(Dog walker using Bobcat’s voice)  “Well, let’s see…is he alright?  Yeah, I think so.  He had a good appetite this morning and his poop looked pretty good.  There were a few unidentifiables in there but for the most part, yeah, he’s OK and thank you very much for asking.”

(Person approaching) “Maybe I should rephrase my question…”What I really mean is this…Is he OK?”

(Bobcat Dog Walker)  “Hmmm…he’s had all his shots, if that’s what you mean but this morning he started answering to the name of Cujo. Can you define ‘alright’?”

(Person approaching-still clueless) “He won’t jump on me, will he?”

(Bobcat Dog Walker) “That’s hard to say.  Probably not, except for about 50% of the time.  Depends if he likes you or not.  Even then, it’s still about 50/50.  He’s not even paying attention to you so I don’t know.  Just don’t talk “baby talk” to him.  I don’t think he likes that.  Do you have a cookie for him.  He really likes cookies. I’ll take one, too.”

(Person approaching-who is not approaching too quickly anymore) “I mean, how is he with people?”

(Bobcat Dog walker) “People?  Yeah, sure, he’s seen people.   Some days, he even chases men wearing hats.  One hot summer day, he didn’t feel like chasing this one guy, so he just walked right up and peed on him; like three times.”

(Person approaching is now starting to look at me more than the dog) “Why do you think he did th…?   Oh, never mind.    How is he around kids?”

(Bobcat Dog Walker)  “As long as they don’t look like the neighbor’s kids, I don’t know what he would do ”

(Person approaching-who is now starting to back away)  “I really have to go now.  All I wanted to know was – does your dog bite?”

Watch this video clip for the answer…


The above was a lighthearted approach to a serious issue and we have some serious answers at the end of the post.

While I don’t mind answering questions about my dogs, I shake my head in disbelief at the parents who allow their kids to run towards my dogs (or any dogs) while doing the “Doggie! Doggie!” thing. They approach head on shrieking with their little arms flailing.  At this point the parents are yelling from 30 feet away, (as an afterthought) “Is he alright?”  They expect and allow the dog walker (a complete stranger) to control the situation.

At this point, I should ask if their kids are “alright…” as they are the ones that appear to be out of control.

I understand both parents and their children need to be educated on this subject.  This time, they are extremely lucky they are approaching an experienced handler with a couple of easy-going dogs.  But hey, do these parents want to find out that someone’s dog “Never Did That Before” at the expense of their children?

Let’s face it, as much as we want to believe they are people in little furry coats, we are still dealing with animals.  Domesticated, but still animals. Even highly trained police K-9 dogs have slipped away from their handlers and chased kids, knocked them down and have also bitten.

Many of these people don’t own dogs (but, then again, a lot of them do!) and they want to educate their kids at the expense of others.  That goes right along with this thought process…”Our dog is going to have puppies so the children can experience the miracle of birth “.     Hmmm…wouldn’t it be easier to hand them a book with lots of pictures? Better yet, why not just show them the film of their own birth?  That should put a lid on it.  After that, you might as well just call the vet and make the appointment because you don’t know “nothin’ ’bout “birthin’ no puppy babies”, anyway!”

Therefore, my answer to them in the future as they approach and ask “Does your dog bite?”  I will have to smile and say…”I don’t know…he’s not my dog.”

Training tip…

Will my dogs bite?  Probably not.  If someone accidentally steps on the dog’s foot and they are face to face with the dog, will the dog bite if startled?   My dogs?  Still, probably not.  Could they be startled enough to move very quickly, accidentally knocking someone down?  Sure.  Would I let a child run up to a dog?  Hell, no.  Even if I knew the dog and his “parents”?   Nope.

Generally, most people walking their dogs have no control except for the leash and collar.  Equipment failure never crosses their mind.  The dog appears out of control and people will still want to approach and “pet” the dog after asking “Is he alright?”

Possibly the person walking the dogs is just that…the dog walker!  Nothing more. Their job is to walk the dogs.   As far as the dog being “alright”…who knows.   Here’s a thought –  does the dog walker (or even the owner) know that today the dog’s left ear is extremely painful when touched due to the beginning of an infection?  That dog should not be out and walking until the situation is remedied.

A very basic rule to follow for both those approaching a dog and also for those at the other end of the leash is this:

Always ask permission to visit with someone’s dog.  (Just because a dog is out in public is not an open invitation.) Next, ask them to have the dog sit and to hold that sit as they approach from the side.  If the dog cannot remain seated, do not approach any further until a later date as the dog progresses with his training.

For those walking the dog-if your dog is too excited to sit when people approach, you do not have control.  At this point, it’s probably not a good idea to let people start petting him and getting him overly excited as he might jump up on them; of which that in itself might scare quite a few.  In addition, there is the possibility of scratching, bumping and bruising, getting knocked over and bitten even if they were just playing.

However, continue to work on the controlled sit using people as your distractions during training.  Many are happy to help.  Have your dog hold that sit-stay as the people simply walk by and continue on their way.  This will help your dog to stay focused and calm when he sees people in the future.

Is that your dog?

One more hint for those walking their own dogs…if he misbehaves… apologize profusely stating over and over again that he’s not your dog (you’re just doing a favor for someone) and that you would never allow your own dog to behave this way 🙂

Until next time…

Always pick up after your dogs!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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It’s been a looooooooooooooong winter…Just exactly WHEN did the house go to the dogs?

This is a picture of what I came home to the other day.  It was too cold to play outside so they invited their friends over without asking my permission.

What the heck!  I was only gone for 15 minutes.  If only they moved that fast when I call them in from the yard!

They didn’t even realize I was standing there until one of them looked up and said “Oops…busted”.   Even then, there were just a couple of quick glances my way and then back to the game.  The nerve!   They didn’t even try to distract me with an Eddie Haskell greeting.  Leave it to Beaver “Hello, Mrs. Cleaver.  .  My, you’re looking wonderful this morning…Are those new shoes you’re wearing?”)

“Boys, what’s going on here?”  I demanded.   “Well, Mrs. Cleaver, we had an idea about a new home school study program. It involves various types of gambling and how it can prepare a young man for the future.  As you can see, we use different age groups and keep careful notes so as not to corrupt an innocent mind; such as young Theodore’s.  My journal is right here if you would like to see it and in theory…”       “That’s enough, Eddie.  Now!  All of you!  Clean up this mess!”

I had hoped it was simply a game of “Go Fish”

I wasn’t even close.  I’m not even sure if it’s legal for neighborhood dogs to be involved in a game of high steaks poker.  No, that is not a typo.  I really mean “steaks”.  The first hint was the fact that one of them forgot to close the door to the freezer.  The second hint, was the red stuff dripping off the table.  You could tell who was winning by the number of T-bones piled up in front of them.

Appears they ran out of frozen meat by the time I arrived because I noticed an open bag of rawhide chips sitting on the table.  Lumpy already ate his winning chips so he threw a piece of paper into the middle of the table with the word “kat” scribbled on it.

OK, that’s it!!  Game over.  I couldn’t believe he was going to use the cat as part of the kitty!!!

The toilet seat was up.

One of them had dragged toilet paper throughout the room.  I think they were getting a little buzz from the catnip candle burning in the background.  Another was trying to hide his bottle of O’Douls.  My camera catches Eddie in the process of attempting to boost his bone pile as he was slipping a card under the table to Lumpy.

Well, that does it.  I realize it’s winter and they’re bored but my mind is made up and the doggy door is now permanently closed.   No more surprises.  Who knows what they might dream up next.   Seriously…what if they attempt a doggie séance and as they try to connect with Rin Tin Tin they end up conjuring Cujo?  

Although, if the Rin Tin Tin thing worked…Hmmm…that could be interesting…my next post could be the best ever!  Let’s see…Rin Tin Tin…The Real Story…

Nah, with my luck he would like it here and never leave. Then he would probably invite some of his own friends over.  Soon, I would come home to the likes of Old Yeller, Big Red, Petey from The Little Rascals and Asta from The Thin Man movies.   That little Asta can be quite the prankster.  Yep, bad idea.   Then, there’s Toto and I really don’t think I will ever be in the mood for the likes of Ms. Gulch.

And, stay away from that darn Pet Semetary

If they started getting really good at this séance thing, they could become obsessed and I may not be able to stop them in time.  For example, if they substitute a milk bone instead of a piece of beef jerky as part of the process, (while they are trying to communicate with that little hottie Cocker Spaniel from Lady and the Tramp; they might end up with Cruella DeVille)  along with that hellhound from The Omen trailing right behind her.   Creepy… Or… maybe even one that will just drive me nuts such as Wile E. Coyote.

On the other hand, I could have a little fun myself.  On Rin Tin Tin day, all I would have to do was crawl into the room wearing a Cujo mask.    Nah, on second thought, it would probably backfire and I would end up being the one in charge of clean-up after I happened to startle some of them just a little too much…

I can only hope that some day their friends will be just like this little guy…Every home needs a Harvey…

It’s 10:30 am…Do you know where your dogs are?

The party begins practically the moment you walk out the door…

Regarding dog crates…in hopes of eventually eliminating the crate once the dog is housebroken, many will attempt some “trial runs”.  This involves leaving the dog out of the crate (totally unattended) while they leave the house for 10-15 minutes.    They return, and everything appears to be in order.  A few days later, they repeat the maneuver for the same period of time and this time the garbage can is knocked over and Bubba is eating  chicken bones.  Boo-Boo watched your car drive away and scratched up the woodwork and lost a nail in the process.  Lucky turns on the stove trying to get at the pizza box.   We will go into more detail in a future post but you must realize that for the most part, the logic behind this thought process just doesn’t work.  Most destruction occurs within the first 10-15 minutes of your departure.  It’s an art, not a science-depending upon the dog.  After tearing up the house, they need a nap.  They resume the destruction after they wake up.  Be responsible and use a crate to protect them from themselves.   More to follow…

Always pick up after your dogs!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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Video of girl throwing newborn puppies into the river (via A Voice For The Innocent)

There has been an update since “re-posting” and this person has been caught and is receiving “care”.  Regarding the puppies, we have been told they were “found”.   Be aware – the video is very disturbing.  Thanks goes to “A Voice for the Innocent” for spreading the word on this.   (See their link at bottom of post.)

Does anyone know if this is true? If so, has this person been caught? If not, spread the word!

Video of girl throwing newborn puppies into the river http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1307594/Girl-caught-horror-clip-throwing-live-puppies-river.html I’ve seen a lot of sick and twisted things since becoming more involved in animal rescue and crossposting, but for this year, this takes the cake. I don’t know who this girl is or what type of illness she suffers from or if she’s possessed by demons but there is no rhyme or reason for doing such a heinous thing. There’s a facebook page dedicat … Read More

via A Voice For The Innocent

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Local artist is dogging it – chicagotribune.com

Local artist is dogging it – chicagotribune.com.     Click to read about artist Sarah Prescott


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Help! My Greyhound has corns on her toes! Important updates…

IMPORTANT UPDATE REGARDING CORN REMOVAL SINCE THE PUBLISHING OF THIS POST…(I am so pleased with the results that I am now a distributor of this homeopathic remedy)

June 16, 2011

Click on the following link to see our latest post on the subject of Greyhound corns as it is our most updated information with the “before and after” pictures.


6/8/11    Let’s take a look at some of the “before” pictures…

6/8/11   Within the next couple of days I will post the amazing “after” pictures.  It has been 6 weeks and I am still dabbing just a drop onto each area in the evening but I am sure you will agree the results to date are astounding.

For more information and to purchase the homeopathic remedy using your PayPal account, please email me at:  info@MyDogNeverDidThatBefore.com

Tell me about your dog and how long have those nasty corns been around and how many of them you are dealing with.

Fran from Melbourne writes…

Thanks Jackie.  It is all coming along well and it was a week since we commenced the treatment.  The ‘swelling’ which was causing a bulge out to the side of her paw has gone down the corn itself is taking on more of a definition.  It is as though it is separating from the rest of the tissue.  Her demeanour has really improved.  When you take her for a walk she is back to her beautiful greyhound prancing walk, with her head held up looking all around her.  When he took the two dogs down to the usual park where he lets them have a run free, for the first time in a long time she was prancing and wanting to join in with Hugo who runs and plays with a lab they meet up there – she has been disinterested for some time.  Last week she was off and joining in the fun.

So we are grateful for finding out about the wonderful treatments.  I will be passing the info on to my reflexologist as she is a firm believer in natural treatments for pets also.

***5/17/11    One corn has just about disappeared!!    The larger one will need the 2 full extra weeks.   She is not in pain any longer.   Soon, I will have more information for you to obtain the homeopathic remedy.

Effective 4-17-11, I have been working closely with a homeopathic practitioner in the removal of my hound’s corns.  We are looking at an approximate 4-6 week painless process.   However, calling it a “process” does not do it justice as it involves a total of 2 minutes (or less) per day.  I am very excited about this and will keep everyone posted as to the results.    I am also very pleased to announce that I will be distributing her remedy in the very near future.

Now, on to the original post…

I’ve heard this is common in Greyhounds and might have something to do with their lack of body fat.  The Princess Hound I refer to in many of these posts has two corns-one on the second toe of both front feet.  Try to imagine a good-sized piece of gravel embedded in each of your big toes.  You’ll probably feel them with every step.   Ouch!

I remove them about every 3-4 weeks.    While this can be uncomfortable for her, she’s extremely tolerant of the procedure.  (But, no, she does not get couch and popcorn privileges, regardless of her cooperation during the process…)

When she is laying down (which is 99.5% of the time) I sit next to her, grab a foot and tell her to go to her “happy place” 🙂   I loosen the corn by going back and forth (like a top-loader washing machine) using thumb and forefinger nails. Eventually, I can continually twist it in one direction until it breaks off.

This is not my Greyhound’s toe but looks very close to it.   After removal,  Neosporin with Pain Relief is applied for a few days.   Our vet recommended she wear TheraPaws when we walk as they really cushion the feet.

June 16, 2011

Please click on the below link for the latest update on the remedy for Greyhound corns.  We have also posted the “before and after” photos!


Below, is the story of another Greyhound’s corn removal process.  Very informative article.   After reading, I sent an email to my dog’s chiropractor to get her opinion since she uses laser in her practice.

(Since publishing this original post, my dog’s chiropractor explained to me that her laser is strictly “heat” vs. the “cutting” type which would have been used in the below process.)

Wednesday, December 24, 2008 by greytblackdog blog

Don’t Call Me Corn Dog Seka

By greytblackdog blog:  For those of you with a greyhound with corns you know how painful they can be for your pup. If you don’t own a corn dog, thank your lucky stars and knock on wood. These nasty little hard spots often cause lameness in greyhounds and only greyhounds for some unknown reason. Seka has two corns, one on each of her back feet. Most of the time she manages okay on carpeted floors. It’s on any hard surface that she has problems, which includes asphalt, tile, hardwood – pretty much any floor that doesn’t have a rug on it she will limp or totally refuse to use one of her back feet, depending on which one is hurting the most that day. I equate it to walking around with a rock in your shoe that you can’t get rid of.We’ve tried a lot of home remedies to soften the corns including using wart remover and covering her pads with duct tape. Some people have used Abreva (an over-the-counter cold sore medication) with some success. We put a nightly application of Bag Balm on her pads to keep them as soft as possible, but nothing gets through that hard, calcified tissue. Many vets turn to coring out the corn with a special dental instrument, which basically pops out the hard part of the corn from the pad, but everyone who has ever had this done to one of their corn dogs will tell you that they come back nine times out of ten. So, there’s not a lot treatment options available to our corn dogs.In October, the corn on Seka’s “lucky foot” (the one with three toes) fell off while coursing. I figured it would come back, but (knock on wood) it hasn’t reared its ugly head yet. I attribute the switch to feeding raw to keeping this corn at bay. The way I look at it – no binders and fillers in her food, mean nothing for the virus to bind to in her body.But the corn on her good foot kept getting bigger and bigger, and last week it mostly fell off. Usually when the corn gets so big that it falls off it offers her a few weeks of comfort, but not this time. In fact, she steadily got worse and even stopped using her foot all together on the carpet on Tuesday. So I called Dr. Hottie’s office and worked ourselves into their schedule at 10a that morning to get Seka some pain meds to help her through the holidays.Now, Dr. Westmoreland and I had discussed using his laser to remove the corns on Seka’s feet, but I kept putting the procedure off due to our coursing schedule and the potential price tag (anything with the term laser in it has to be expensive, right?). Using a laser allows the vet to take off more of the infected tissue than an old fashioned surgical tool would and hopefully get low enough to completely get rid of the virus so the corn doesn’t grow back.As we hopped into the vet’s office on three legs at 10a I kicked myself that I hadn’t done something about this stupid corn earlier. But after the vet took a good look at her and made sure it wasn’t any other kind of soft tissue injury, Dr. Westmoreland had Seka’s toe numbed up, and his trusty laser aimed at the offending corn, blasting away like he was playing Space Invaders. Seka is pictured above, happy and relieved after he was all done. Her corn-less toe below, post-procedure.As we walked out of the vet’s office at 10:45a to pay our bill of a mere $110 (the procedure was only $35, the rest was meds, numbing and exam fee), I almost cried looking at my dog who was standing firmly on all four legs for the first time in at least two years. We go back in two weeks for a recheck to be sure the spot is not growing back as a corn. Fingers crossed that Seka will no longer be a corn dog, at least for a few months.
Posted by greytblackdog at 10:15 PM
Always pick up after your pets!
Dog Notes, Inc.
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Who Let the Dogs Out? Who? Who?? Who??? Weekly Whine Series…

It never fails.  During the worst of weather (90’s and humid in summer, single digits in winter, heaviest snow days and the days it literally rains cats and dogs ) the same group of 3 dogs, sometimes with a 4th, are on their own-roaming the neighborhood.

The last time I saw this “street-wise trio” was two weeks ago during a snowstorm that blanketed the area with over two feet of snow.

I had visions of these small, obese, short-haired dogs, being scooped up by the snow plows or becoming a permanent part of a someone’s tire, giving an innocent driver nightmares for weeks because they couldn’t stop in time.

The owners have been on the County Animal Control  “S” list for at least 5 years.  The Animal Control officer tells me that the attitude of these owners is that they have lived in the area the longer than most (before it was built up) and that their dogs should be able to roam where they please.

One of the dogs in this group was attacked by a much larger dog while pounding the pavement as a pup and almost didn’t live to roam the ‘hood another day.  Their “people” are certainly not “single experience learners”…  but at least the dogs were smart enough to realize they should not continue to walk down that particular block.

Our Animal Control Department is about an hour away, so many of the neighbors have tried to coax the dogs into their garages to give them shelter but it never seems to work out.

Ironically, while taking advantage of the balmy temps in the upper 40’s today, the princess hound and I crossed paths with these dogs and they were actually accompanied by their owners.  We just stood in the road and waited while 3 people attempted to catch 3 slippery dogs.  (Leash laws are just suggestions in these parts-just like the speed limits). It was more entertaining than a  Keystone Cops movie with lots of useless running around in circles and crashing into each other as the dogs continued to enjoy the fun game of tag.

It helps to have a “bitch” of a Greyhound…

However, in this case, it wasn’t a silent movie at all.  Their dogs are barking.   The people are yelling and literally screaming.   (I have to admit, their actions prompted me to look down at my own dog wondering if she had shapeshifted into some sort of red-eyed, three-headed monster Hellhound.)  Maybe she does when I’m not looking…

Their dogs start heading our way and get within a few feet of us.  The hound must have given them one of her famous “don’t even think about it” looks followed by her signature “hiss” and they immediately ran back to the the Three Stooges, appearing thankful for the security of the leash.

In England and Australia, the “powers that be” are looking at competency testing for those wanting to acquire a dog as a pet.   Read for yourself…

The Liberal Nanny State, England is going to the Dogs…

I sure hope all dogs go to heaven…

Always pick up after your pets!

Dog Notes, Inc.

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Eliminate on Command…No. 2 Revisited

Well, I suppose it is greener-on a nice, sunny day but what happens when your dog wakes up to a world without grass and realizes he has one square foot of space to do his business…?

If your snowblower is still cooperating after hurtling 2 feet of snow for a  couple of hours,  some of you might be able to coax it into creating some running paths for the dogs.  For fun, definitely add some peek-a-boo circles around the evergreens.  If you have any time and energy left, create a maze and throw in a few snow tunnels leading to an igloo.  That should keep the dogs, husband and the kids busy for quite a while.

Did I do all that? Honestly…uh, no, but we did create paths with a couple of figure 8’s.  I planned, directed and did a lot of pointing from inside the house.    They were doing such a great job without me, I didn’t think it would be right to go outside and spoil their fun 😉  Plus, my coffee maintains a much better temperature indoors.

After a few days, the paths will take on a different look.  Mainly in  color and will  probably start to resemble a “yellow brick road”.

If you waited but have decided that now is the time to teach your dog to “hurry up and just do it™” while you hang on to the door to keep it from flying off it’s hinges during some of those  60 mph winds, you might want to review “Let’s Potty…You Can teach your dog to Eliminate on Command”.  Here is the link:


Be sure to keep them on a leash so you don’t lose them in a snowdrift or just in case they decide to visit the neighbors by walking over the fence.

For more information on the wiener doormat and other cute Dachshund gifts and novelties, go to:


Always pick up after your pets!

Dog Notes, Inc.

Just Do It!   Nike™

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